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I selected a $1,500 package from Kamau to investigate a cop and give me reports so that I could sue the police and the cop. He was suposed to give me these reports within 1 year according to his own paper work. It's been over two years and I have nothing from him. I paid for documents for one investigator and got nothing back at all. He claims he won't give me my money back because he says they did all of this investigative work and it says there are no refunds. But it clearly states that they need to give me these reports within 1 year and help me to gather all the information together to be able to go to court.

I can no longer go to court. The statute of limitations is up on my case. I even told Kamau this and he said he would give me a full report within 30 days. I got nothing from him. He tried offering two hundred and some dollars back for the reports I never got that I paid for. I figure it's because they never actually got them or investigated anything.

It doesn't matter the work he did because he didn't give it to me on time for the purposes I needed it for. He never gave me anything at all let alone when he was supposed to. He keeps trying to call me and give me excuses why he won't give me my money back. He also cancelled my case without completing his job so even if the staute of limitations wasn't up he cannot fullfill what was gauranteed to me for helping me to gather everything to help me file a lawsuit. You can check the website and check out what the $1,500 package is supposed to buy you and I didn't get it. So if you think you're going to get what it says, don't believe it.

He told me to file a complaint with the bar, but I don't even think he's a real lawyer. I'll file a complaint with them anyway as well as with the BBB. I'll probably have to hire a lawyer.

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Novi, Michigan, United States #905689

Diop kamau is a *** man and Internet scammer who scams people out of their money and performs no service for the money. I know exactly what you are saying because i was scammed by him as well.

Denver, Colorado, United States #895313

You did not do as you were told ... you were told you needed an attorney, and even admitted you had no legal assistance ...

besides they did not rip you off you fell down on your end !! My case made it all the way in front of the supreme court


I had the same problems--and worse! Read all about it at

Detroit, Michigan, United States #891233

Please call me at 1888-959-1197 because l was also ripped off by this *** man. He will take your money, delay you with false promises and do absolutely nothing but grt angry with you if you try to challenge him.

Please call me.

I'm seeking legal action against him now. He has hurt too many people and needs to be shut down.

Westminster, Colorado, United States #691872 ...My experience was Quite the opposite. My case is in the 10th circuit court of appeals & sure the expert witness report took some doing, but I told Mr.Kamau "want what I paid for"

he squirmed a bit, then gave me a date & it was here & his part was done. His investigator flew here & did a 4 day field investigation from Indianapolis. He promised to walk me in to the federal court house, "complaint in hand" and be there when I filed it .. & he did all of that. I found legal help on my own, investigator Miller from, got the ball rolling & this legal help I found is the key to success. They told me on the out set, I was going to need assistance with the legal issues. I felt as though it was time to sink or swim. I'm still swimming !!

I am looking at Millions .. this is the only help $7800.00 pay up or shut up ... Attorneys are useless. I did this Pro-se until I found my assistant .... I was dead in the water, These guys can't do it all for you. They did every thing they said they would & more .... but it cost's an arm & a leg .... Millions ?? :)rottinjohn

Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #682210

Do Not feel bad , I sent them 3500 dollars on my case and all I got was empty promises and some guy came and video taped my story and that was the end of it , It was never even posted on the site . I had the same experience and what can I do now ??

call the same cops that arrested me ??

Report them for Internet fraud ?,, Why does the state of Florida allow this ?

to ripped off #691948

You can file a Better Business bureau complaint against him and he will HAVE to negotiate with you about at least getting some of your money back or it will go on his record. You can also file a complaint with the Florida bar association, especially when he seems to be passing himself off as a lawyer when I was told he is not.

There are also other complaint sites as well as facebook, (which he is on),that you can threaten to keep filing complaints against him if he doesn't give your money back. Then if you live in Florida, you can take him to small claims court and bring copies of what it says on his website and prove that he did not do what he said he would do. You don't need to call the cops as this is a civil matter anyway. You can also put up ads on to see who else in your area has been scammed by this guy and all of you file a lawsuit together.

The if that doesn't work take some friends with you and have a little "talk" with him in person.

I am of course NOT recomending you do anything illegal. Hope this helps!


Yeah,I talked to the guy and he is just a supposed detective scamming for money. Do not waste your time with him.


Mr. Holmes, Thank you for that comment.

Can you please write a letter to the Florida BBB? I know you won't want to put your name and address on here but if you could call me and leave your information with me then maybe together we can do something about this guy. My phone number is 702-743-7530. I sent in a BBB complaint already.

It will help both of us for you to do the same. I am also going to file a complaint with the Florida Bar Association.

to joe hale Novi, Michigan, United States #905699

Please call me at 888-959-1197 to discuss this. Thank you


I got the 4500 dollar package and all I got was a guy that came here and videotaped my story and 10 minutes of it was on you tube. They made many promises but they kept none.

They milk you dry and then apparently ignore you .

Save your money for a lawyer! Just another internet scam .

to James T Holmes Denver, Colorado, United States #895321

You should have hired an attorney like you were told to do / right after your taping you were told to hire legal help to assist you with this ... (you did not do as you were told) this is your own fault.

You guys expect them to get you into court "that is an attorneys job" ..... one you were suppose to hire ... you tried to cheep *** your way thru this!!

it don't work that way !!

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